Experience Luxury Resort in Kanha National Park Like Never Before

Resorts in Kanha National Park

Madhya Pradesh has long been one of the leading destinations in India, where thousands of tourists, both domestic and international, flock every year. From its picturesque hilly setting to the lush jungles, exotic resorts tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city to developed urban settlements, the state has much to offer to the travel enthusiasts. 

 Madhya Pradesh hosts numerous popular national parks, each offering a unique experience to the travelers. Kanha National Park was declared the same in 1955, however, its mention dates back to the 6th century BCE. The area was the dwelling place for a nomadic tribe called “baigas” until the British took to reserve and upgrade the place in 1879. House to a large number of wild animals including Bengal Tigers, Barasingha, Asiatic Leopards, Indian Wild Dogs, Bison, Leopard Cat and Mouse Deer to name a few. The national park also has a large assortment of rare birds Like Brown Wood Owl, Lesser Florican and Rufous Bellied Eagle. 

Spread over a whopping area of 1949 sq. kilometers, the national park has numerous resorts and lodging places that offer extravagant stay. 

Over the last few years, the growth of luxurious Kanha Jungle Lodge resorts in the national park has experienced a surge in the tourist count. One such resort is the Singinawa Jungle Lodge. The luxury resort is strategically designed and constructed that ensure to give the visitors an authentic stay while also providing numerous facilities. Some of the amenities included in the lodge are summarized as follows. 

•    The bungalows and cottages are designed tastefully to give the nature enthusiasts an authentic feel. The housing units are large and comfortable that further include private verandas to give a great view of the lush surroundings. Each of the cottages comes with en-suite bathrooms that have rain showers and double vanities. The cottages also include air conditioning for the hot months and a mini bar. There are a total of 12 cottages and 2 jungle bungalows. 

•    The resort comes with a spa that provides Indian and Oriental holistic treatments to the guests. The spa treatments various techniques that aim at providing the guests an amazing time. The luxurious spa setting ensures that visitors are completely relaxed so as to enjoy the jungle safari better. 

•    The swimming pool included in the resort premise is the perfect place to enjoy nature while relaxing. Surrounded by perennials, the swimming pool is often serenaded by the sounds of birds singing. 

•    Singinawa Jungle Lodge offers jungle safaris to the guests. Guided by experts, the safaris cover the wilderness of the national park in 4×4 vehicles. From watching the Tigers to the bison, sighting the rare birds to unique plants, the safari explores the untouched areas in the park, giving an amazing view and experience. The safaris are conducted twice every day, once in the morning and next in the afternoon. While the morning safari spans for over 5 to 6 hours, the afternoon one goes on for 3 to 3.5 hours. 

•    Within the lodge is seamlessly interweaved the Museum of Life and Art which stands as a testimony to the Gond and Baiga tribes. The 1000 sq foot museum includes art that narrates an interesting story of the passing time in the jungle to the guests. 

Promoting ecologically responsible tourism, Singinawa Jungle Lodge is a nature lover’s paradise. Including extravagant amenities, the lodge is located in the heart of the Kanha National Park. If you truly want to experience the national park, then a stay at the lodge is a must. Put it on your bucket list and make your bookings today!

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Experience Wildlife and Nature at Its Best in Singinawa Jungle Lodge 

If you love traveling amidst the nature, then The Singinawa Jungle Lodge is a one-stop destination for you. Ideal for a quiet retreat, the jungle lodge is located in the heart of Kanha National Park. Singinawa Jungle Lodge has come to be known as the best jungle lodge Kanha based due to the wide number of amenities it offers. Recognized as a luxurious retreat in the middle of jungle, where nature and wildlife amalgamate to create a beautiful picture, this jungle lodge is extravagant to say the least. There are 12 cottages and 2 jungle bungalows for the guests to reside in. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and include amenities such as en-suite bathroom, big bed, fresh linen and personal balcony. The lodge also has a spa where you can relax and unwind. The lodge conducts tours of the Kanha National Park, allowing visitors to experience it first-stand. Two separate timings are fixed for the safaris. So, if you want to experience Kanha National Park, then make a booking at one of the best jungle lodges and resorts in India, Singinawa Jungle Resort. For more information or to book at stay, visit the website https://singinawajunglelodge.com/thelodge/

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