Life imitates art far more than art imitates life, remembered as Oscar Wilde’s famous words tells us a lot about how art resides in every inch of life. This philosophical ideology resonates across the Singinawa Jungle Lodge where time, nature and the human evolution coherently weaves a drapery of bewitchment at the Museum of Life & Art. Co existing within the estate, the 1,000 square foot museum sings an epic of the native Gond and Baiga artisans and their labors of love.

Reflecting the undulating curves of the forest, the museum is designed to exhibit a dynamic placement of the artifacts that lets its viewer to undergo a visual escapade from the realms of soporific and predictable patterns. It is indeed a figurative allegiance to the free spirit of nature; the museum will also host art installations in the open with a focus on the ethos of Kanha.

While paying homage to the art might be food for the soul, one can always feel the need to have refreshment that you can easily find at the café situated in vicinity of the museum. Sounds like a plan, isn’t it?
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