Wake up with the sun to board the customized 4×4 vehicles to embark upon the journey into the wild. As your vehicle clandestinely makes its way through the jungle, you will rendezvous with skulk of fox preen or the big jungle cats relishing on their first meal in the morning. Hearing the tranquil sounds of over 300 wild birds chirping is an everyday affair in the park.
Stealthily move further to capture a sight of the Tigers, jackals & wolves. As they trail in wonderment across the wild, you can easily spot herds of deer and gaur drinking water from water holes to loitering around with their friends and families. If you have interest in nature, you will be awe struck at the diverse variety of rare insects and plants.
The afternoon safari is no less than a snarl in tryst with the nature’s secret, as you tred successfully with our skilled and expert guides. In the Mukki region of the park the specialized guides will help skillfully trapeze you through the natural maze. As the dawn blows trumpet of the predators coming out in search of prey, your afternoon safari takes you back to the lodge.
Timings: Morning safari 5-6 hours/ Afternoon safari 3-3.5 hours


Are you ready for a tête-à-tête with your childhood superheroes like Bagheera and Baloo? What if you got a chance to be the superhero in a kid’s life? As you embark upon your rendezvous with the wild, you have a chance to take with you two children from the Kohoka village as guests. Your gushing excitement to spot the wild species will break all bounds as you see the children jumping in enthrallment. The jungle book was nothing but a wild sojourn with friends and family, similarly, these new friends will give an enhanced meaning to your vacations here. Experience a magical ride with these kids who have never been inside the park at no additional cost!
Timings: Morning Safari 5-6 hour



The buffer forest alongside river Tannaur adjoins Singinawa. Walks aimed at exploring the forest up close. As a lot of you must have heard that the forest is as much alive as us and so it has the five senses. The only way to connect with the 5 senses of the jungle- sight, smell, taste and touch one must take a walk! Who knows if you can entice and awaken the sixth sense of the jungle i.e. its soul!

As you lumber on foot by allowing the senses to penetrate deep within you to make an instinctive communication with nature. This pleasure cannot be lived while you are on a vehicle or safari. The distance for these walks can be customized to your requirements but typically last for a couple of hours. Take halts for refreshments/ picnics.
Timings: 2 to 3 hours


Paghdandi: a path not concrete but raw found mostly in farmlands or forests. These roads will take you closer to nature. Take a paghdandi into interiors of the forest on a 20km track using a special all terrain firefox bicycles to Jaldidand Baiga Village and its interiors. Carefully witness and enjoy the traditional Baiga tribal life with beautifully painted mud huts that basically belongs to the agrarian tribal society. The villagers live a fairly remote life from that of the cities. The serenity and peace restored in their rural set up is quite untouched. Get ready to explore some great panoramic views in the preserved heritage of Madhya Pradesh and forest (Recommended for not more than 4 people).

Time Involved: 5 hours


The Phen Wildlife sanctuary is a buffer zone wildlife conservation situated in the core of Kanha National Park. It is a satellite micro-core habitat located 70 km from SJL. You can drool in the ecstasy of enjoy the luxuries of the being in the middle of the untouched wildlife. A day trip at this solitary place far from mainstream tourism will let you experience more than just the safari. Gaze at the rare and richest variety of birds and animals. Fathom the expanse of panorama without being bugged of your urbane identity. Dive in the green stretch of land and gulp in the bountiful of serene winds.



Look at your vacations from a new vista comprising of nature and its serenity. At Singinawa Jungle Lodge, take some time to contribute in the voluntary activities carried out by the Foundation along with the Buffer zone community. Visit the school that is adopted by Singinawa as you march towards a purposeful holidaying.
Some of the foundation’s activities includes: construction of 5 water holes in the core park area; facilitating health camps for 56 villages in the bufferzone of the park that treats over 2300 people; acquisition of 4×4 vehicles for each forest range within Kanha which is now working closely with the Government for upgrading the health, education and other activities in the area.
Time Involved: Personalised to suit your requirements
Costs Involved: A donation in kind would be appreciated for the project you choose to work with.


Organic is the word we are all falling for! Singinawa is where you find organic produce in galore! The organic farm right across the road from the lodge produces farm fresh products in abundance and supplies it to the lodge like, home grown wheat and rice. The gardening enthusiasts who want to explore the traditional Indian gardening methods with access to cattle, fields, farm full of chickens and goats can visit here.
Time Involved: 1 hour


Relax, rejuvenate and replenish with the Meadow spa at Singinawa that is carefully crafted keeping in mind to give you the perfect feet-up holidays! The meadow spa at Singinawa started as an initiative to suggest an alternative means of monetary benefits to the localites. The therapists here are members of the local community and have attained profound training in spa and reflexology from Nepal and India. The therapies are a careful amalgamation of Indian and oriental healing procedures that leads to physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium.


Rigorous efforts have been put to restore the ground at the Lodge to extend a natural habitat for the wildlife of the Buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve. The ground is home to Chital deer, Muntjac, Jungle cats, Leopards, Wild Boar, Sambar and Swamp deer. Besides, there is also over 150 species of birds.
On a natural trail on the lodge covering approximately 58 acres of land, Singinawa successfully offers an unmatched eco experience at your threshold with naturalists explaining how to conserve the forest land by implying simple practices.
Time Involved: 1 hour


The most pleasant and frequently underestimated tryst with nature resides in the fact that there is always a chance to rejuvenate in the ether of purity. The tall minarets and smell of pollution has blind folded our yearning to be close to the sight and scent of untainted beauty. Singinawa Lodge very well understands this longing and designs activities/experiences that align you with your desires.
The Aromatic and Fragrant trail- an exclusive Singinawa experience begins with a leisurely walk through the resort. To the expanse of your sight you will find only native bushes, trees, aromatic flowers and the tranquility emanating from them. Find yourself in a helpless maze of allurement by the beauty of these flowers. Find flowers like the lavender, jasmine, wild rose, frangipani and Anant gardenia in abundance.
The next enthrallment on the trail is earthier in experience as our naturalists take you to the secret garden of natural herbs where you shall find a variety in culinary aesthetics. Experience the tangy tickle on your taste buds with lemon grass and lemon balm; let your soul be seized by the scent of basil, mint and bay leaf. Test your skills for identifying herbs like tulsi, sweet neem or aniseed shrubs.
The final stop involves resting by the pool or the gushing river where Chef Nirmal rustles up a rustic, authentic Indian meal bejeweled with rare spices and herbs that one has just observed. As one’s palette serenades to this blissful culinary experience, one can’t help but sit back, relish the highlights of the trail and wonder how some of the most treasured experiences in life lie in the lap of Nature and all one needs is the will to reach out!
Park yourself beside the gushing river as you watch Chef Nirmal prepare an authentic Indian meal adorning the rare species from the secret garden of Singinawa. Watch your platter decorated with the wholesome and mouthwatering treat from nature. Sit back and relish the highlights of the trail and thanking nature for being as wonderful as it is.


Children’s tailor-made activities to suit the different age group will ensure that your little ones take back home the most from the nature’s bounty. We at Singinawa ensure that the children get involved in the traditional games like Gulli-danda, Kabaddi, gulel (catapult), play marble, pugmark identification, plaster cast making techniques, reading jungle sign, kite making and kite flying. Activities like rangoli making with marigold will bring them in proximity with the traditional Indian culture. We also provide baby sitters, cots for infants and special food for children on request.
Time Involved: Varies according to activity
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