As the new Managing Director of the Singinawa Jungle Lodge, it is my pleasure and privilege to reach out to you and re-introduce the invigorated and innovative journey that this Lodge has embarked upon.

Over the last 8 years, the Lodge has propagated ecologically responsible tourism and been the harbinger of a form of tourism that offers the discerning traveler with the unique opportunity to observe the elusive tiger in its natural habitat and become aware of the thoughtful conservation work that is being taken up in the region.

Such passion and ingenuity rarely goes unnoticed, especially to a keen nature lover like me. It has been my good fortune to have met Dr. Latika Nath on one of my visits to Singinawa. Our common passion for conservation and enthusiasm to extend the breadth of Singinawa’s samaritan work led us to believe that this Lodge had the potential to become the bastion of not just the conservation of flora and fauna but also the preserver of the living heritage of the region that breathes through its tribal art.

Like the fading footprints of the jungle cat, tribal art needs the benefaction and the appreciation of its enlightened patrons because the significance of this art practice lies not in its beauty but its larger role in the canvas of human evolution. The spirit of conservation doesn’t distinguish between man and the world he inherits and the perceptive tourist needn’t either. Singinawa Jungle Lodge will offer tourists the added opportunity to not only accompany trained naturalists on a tour of the local eco-system but also soak in the indigenous culture through an aesthetic experience to be housed in a state of the art museum.

Curated by Dr. Alka Pande, receipient of the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the French Government, the museum promises to be a feast for the eyes and the soul of the adventurous traveler who can now travel through the eclectic world of the ethnic people.

Conservation, like revolution originates from the flicker of a wick before it fires the imagination of the masses. It’s time we opened our doors to the world and let them in to observe, appreciate and help us conserve our forests and our people.

Singinawa’s spirit is rooted in the trinity of commitment to our patrons, quality of services and the promise of responsible eco-tourism. I intend not just to preserve this ethos but also allow it to flourish under my stewardship. Welcome to our home.

Welcome to labor of love. Welcome to The Singinawa Jungle Lodge.

Tulika Kedia
Managing Director, Singinawa Jungle Lodge
A unit of Wild India Resorts (Kanha) Pvt Ltd
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