Mirror Image

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We waited nearby for about 45 minutes, when suddenly we heard the eruption of a Barking Deer’s alarm call. With high voltage anticipation bubbling within our vehicle we all kept a careful watch in every direction. After a short while we heard sounds of the jungle’s dry leaves being crushed, and I said “Look, there is the Tiger appearing from the thickets near the water hole”.


The Tiger stopped for few seconds and stared at us.


Then he slowly walked along the water’s edge with his magnificent mirror image reflected clearly in the rippling water. He proceded to enter the cooling waters to quench his thirst, and sat upright in the water – facing us. 

As happens all too often, we were alerted by our guide that it was regrettably time to make our way back to Kanha’s exit gate. We had to literally wrench ourselves away from that water hole – and the majesty of that truly wild and free Tiger’s presence too.

Rajnish Pradhan

Naturalist at Singinawa Jungle Lodge

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