Urjit Singh Meravi

Position: Naturalist

Urjit, is a proud member of the Gond community, deeply intertwined with the forests Kanha. His story is one born from nature itself, as he entered this world amidst the dense forests of Kanha and spent his early years living within the embrace of the national park before being relocated beyond its borders.

Nature’s influence runs deep in Urjit’s family, with his father serving as the head mahout [elephant rider] within the national park, a position that further fuelled his fascination with the natural world. From his earliest days, he embarked on countless explorations, becoming intimately familiar with every corner of the forest. His knowledge is not confined to the forest’s majestic predators but encompasses the intricate tapestry of life that makes up this ecosystem.

In the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Urjit stands as a revered figure, celebrated for his remarkable ability to track and identify the diverse bird species that grace the forests of Central India. His life’s work embodies a deep-rooted connection to nature, inspiring a new generation of conservationists and naturalists.

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