Rohit Tekam

Position: Naturalist

Rohit is a remarkable naturalist hailing from the indigenous Gond tribe, deeply rooted in the enchanting Kanha Landscape. His connection to nature runs through generations, as his father is renowned for his exceptional tiger tracking skills. Their ancestors once called the Kanha National Park home before being relocated outside the park’s boundaries, making Rohit’s bond with the wilderness even more profound.

His passion for the natural world has been nurtured since his early years. He has traversed every nook and cranny of the dense forests, becoming a true master in tracking elusive big cats. His knowledge extends beyond the feline realm, encompassing the vibrant avifauna that graces the skies above Kanha. His journey as a naturalist began long before, with childhood explorations and a lifelong curiosity about the intricate web of life in these forests. His insights into the ecosystem, from the smallest insects to the majestic tigers, have made him an invaluable asset in safeguarding this precious natural heritage.

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