Killing Instincts of the Weaver Ants

During the construction of our newly positioned machaan at the end of the Maidan I heard the sound of scratching in the nearby grass. Initially I thought it was the rope being used by our construction team to tie the roof as the rope was being dragged through the grass. However, as I drew nearer I found a completely different cause of this rustling sound. There was foul play afoot. . . . . .

Alone Cricket was desperately trying to defend itself from a small mob of ferocious red Weaver Ants to survive another day. There were 3-4 ants which continuously bit the cricket from all sides, and were observedtrying to drag it within a recently sewn up mass of leaves to provide them a good meal. The poor Cricket tried valiantly to fight them off, but all its efforts were in vain. I watched as the Weaver Ants slowly squeezed the cricket through the hole in the leaves, and them they all disappeared from view. Such is Nature.

Sachin Sharma
Singinawa Jungle Lodge

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