What is the best time to visit Kanha National Park?

Kanha National Park, sprawling across 917 square kilometers in the Maikal range of the Satpuras in central India, offers a wide variety of experiences for travelers wishing to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Park. It is not only one of the finest wildlife parks in the country but also the origin for scientific conservation management in India. 

As a traveler you can identify from a varying range of climates for you to embark upon your adventure in the lap of nature. While the post monsoon period is considered the most suitable time for capturing the exquisite beauty of this place, the cool breeze from December to February may serve as the ideal time to capture the lush green surroundings as well as the roar of the tigers. However, on an unbiased climate expert note, be it the post monsoon months when the rain gods have just showered their love, to the chilly winters when you can soak in the warmth of the cozy sunshine, or the fiery summers when the scorching heat wave allows you to isolate yourself from the crowd, the most preferred time to get enthralled by the calm and serene natural settings of the Kanha National Park, and weave a memorable story with your family, friends and colleagues, is whenever you choose to book your stay in the Singinawa Jungle Lodge.  

While you decide to park comfortably in one of the Kanha  National  Park  hotels and resorts, all of which aim to deliver a memorable wildlife experience, logging into the Singinawa Jungle Lodge will offer a mesmerizing luxury smitten experience, flanked with your personalized wild tales, which will etch this sojourn in your memory for a lifetime. 

Singinawa Jungle Lodge, with its plush range of bungalows and cottages, offers a bespoke experience to its guests, and is amongst the most exclusive choices available in the luxury bouquet of accommodations available in the Kanha National Park. Accommodation options of palatial rooms with patios, en-suite bathrooms and mini bars, with close proximity to nature, Singinawa has a lot more to offer than the traditional Safaris or Jungle visits. With its expert team of Naturalists, Singinawa Jungle Lodge has an elaborate menu for the insatiable appetite of the adventure traveler ranging from invigorating eco walks, bicycle trips, village visits, soul pampering spa treatments to the 1000 square feet in-house museum that gloriously exhibits the region specific art and culture, as an ode to the Gond and Baiga artisans, which will leave you spell bound.  

So as you wake up in this lap of luxury, to witness the sun rise from the green expanse of the jungle, the delectable food menu, the customized sight-seeing experiences and the riveting stories that you create in this wonderland, will assure that you get inspired to write your own “Jungle Book” saga!! May be it’s that moment in your life, when you decide to break the monotony of your daily routine, to initiate a new chapter in your adventure story, that becomes the best time to visit Kanha National Park.

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