How to choose the best Jungle resort near Kanha?

While the availability of an array of options spoils you for choice, it also makesthe decisiontougher, especially when the “chosen option” could make or break the holiday mood!!The Kanha National Park – an “Ideal Wildlife Retreat”, which features in every travellers’ bucket list – with its wide variety of luxury hotels, calls for a meticulous research before the vacay attire is donned!! Though its a multitude of factors which influence the selection of accommodation for your wildlife sojourn in Kanha, the primary ones have been covered ahead, to simplify and accelerate this decision.

The picturesque landscape of Kanha, bundled with the alluring charm of its flora and fauna, attracts tourists from across the globe, to soak in the aura of this ethereal wonderland. For most travellers (families/ individuals/ groups), while the objective of an “adventure soaked escapade” to the woods, is distinctly clear, the choice of luxury resort/ hotel in Kanha region, requires deliberation. To narrow-down on the options, filters like location of the resort, accommodation options, cuisines, children’s activities,avant-garde experiences and wildlife excursions, are the most relevant and critical, to avoid any gaffes by the decision maker!!

Evaluating the best luxury hotels in Kanha within the purview of the filters discussed above, the Singinawa Jungle Lodge, predominantly fits the bill. Located near the Mukki Gate of the Kanha National Park, and sprawling over 100 acre of area along the banks of the Tannaur river, the Singinawa Jungle Lodge overlooks the buffer areas of the reserve, making it the most coveted choice of the travellers, wishing to capture the enchanting spirit of the region in its splendid glory. Palatial Bungalows and Cottages, beaming with marked opulence, are well complemented bythe exquisite comfort and exclusive amenities (with some of the accommodations) like private butler services, shared large private lounge-dining room, adjacent open courtyards and un-paralleled views, on offer. With delectable savouries suited to travellers’ tastes being brought straight from organic farms, indulging in invigorating massages and reflexology, to lazing around on the Tannaur river beach, the guests at the lodge are spoiled for soul pampering, while kids have their own rejuvenating experiences wildlife-related activities, tribal art session and session with the potter etc. The exhaustive list of out-door adventures entails the Jeep Safaris, Jungle Walks, Bicycle Trips, Phen Sanctuary Trip, Eco-Restoration Walks under the expert guidance of the Naturalists at Singinawa, to let the travellers capture their own memoirs of the Jungle Book!!The Singinawa Jungle Lodge also organizes visits to the Village Markets and Fairs to help the guests explore the rustic essence of the region, engage with the natives of the land and learn about their tribal art forms. To know more about the experiences at the Singinawa Jungle Lodge, visit

As a prudent traveller, however, to arrive at the optimum choice of stay in the Kanha National Park, the guiding criteria should bea quintessential blend of in-door and out-door indulgences, which not only pamper your senses but also rejuvenate your soul!!

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