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Kanha Jungle odge

Kanha is home to the massive Sal stretches and waterholes. At Kanha it is surreal to experience large herds of Chitals, Northern Plains Langurs, Indian Mutjacks, and a great diversity of the avian species. Kanha national park is the grandest Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The Singinawa Jungle Lodge is an ensemble of ecologically responsible tourism and the spirit of Kanha region. The Singinawa lodge is a perfect blend of palatial accommodation, luxurious amenities and exemplary services.

Singinawa Farm

The Singinawa farm is famous for its organic cultivation. A great abundance of wheat, rice, vegetable and fruits are grown herein. Guests have the opportunity to explore the Siniginawa farm and take please in the traditional method of farming with luscious fields and plentiful of castles, farm full of chicken and goats.  Dining at the Singinawa lodge is of an unparalleled experience. Dining occupies the centre of the Singinawa lodge. Guests are served only the highest quality, freshest produce coked delicately with finesse of highly trained chefs.

Meadow Spa at Singinawa

The Meadow spa is exquisitely crafted to ensure that your stay at the Singinawa lodge feels like a proper holiday. The therapist use the best of techniques built on the foundation of Indian and oriental philosophies. The spa offers a complete alignment of the body, mind and soul.

Singinawa Eco-Restoration Walk

The Singinawa lodge has a natural trail of over 58 acres of land. The ground is an extended natural habitat for the wildlife of the buffer zone of the Kanha Tiger Reserve. At the Eco-Restoration Walk guests along with Singinawa lodge naturalists are guaranteed to experience splendid varieties of birds, Chital deer, Leopards, Swamp Deer, Wild Boar and Jungle Cats.

Aromatic Fragrant Trail

The trail offers an exclusive experience to the Singinawa guests. Ad you walk through the trail your eyes will meet the aromatic flowers, native bushes and the majestic trees. Flowers like jasmine, lavender, wild rose, frangipani and gardenia will fill your soul with abundant rejuvenating aroma. There are herbs like tulsi, sweet neem, basil, lemon grass, aniseed shrubs, mint and bay which will capture your soul through your sensory organs.

Children’s Activities

Singinawa lodge ensures that the children get the most of the nature’s beauty. Children partake in traditional games like Kaboddi, gulli-danda, catapault, marble play, reading jungle signs, rangoli making, kite making and kite flying. Baby sitters are available and baby cots are provided for infants. Special food is made for children on request.

The beautiful accommodation at the Singinawa lodge will give you the authentic staying experience in this beautiful national park as you enjoy the plethora of the wildlife available here.

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